Chemparathipoovu - Hibiscus flower

Red Hibiscus plants - the walls between to neighbourhood in Kerala villages. The flowers are part of childhood memories of every malayali who enjoyed the good old childhood days.


The red hibiscus is the flower of the Hindu goddess Kali, and appears frequently in depictions of her in the art of Bengal. This flower is also used as an offering to goddess Kali and Lord Ganesha in Hindu worship.
The Pharoahs used hibiscus tea, and today it's still common as a toast in Egyptian weddings
Red Hibiscus flower is the national flower of Malyasia. 

Hibiscus Flowers where ever I look,
Reds and blues and the pretty white,
Freshly taken from a picture book,
They fill me with great delight.
Indoor Hibiscus Flowers delicate yellow,
Potted plants in my snug flat,
Great beauty that turns me mellow,
To all Gardeners I take off my hat.
The hibiscus is a flower to please,
Grown in a warm and temperate clime.
Reds, blues and whites do tease,
With glowing colours so sublime. 

 -- Bernard Shaw